Stephen Hawking, smartest man in the world?

14 Sep

He’s thought of as the smartest man — or at least the smartest man in theoretical physics. Stephen Hawking, the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University for 30 years, has just released his new book — The Grand Design. In it he says there is no need for God, and that the universe (including you and me) have been created out of nothing. He says he has solved the mystery of creation and believes that mankind’s salvation will be found through time travel in the universe. “We’re real close to understanding the theory of everything and when the scientific account is complete, theology will be unnecessary.”

What I find most fascinating about his pronouncements is that they are not scientific. Rather they are statements of philosophy and speculative ponderings. But most people think (and he is happy to project) the backing of the authority of science. Here is where the Christian can be wise and expose the “bait and switch” taking place.

As Professor Hawking makes his rounds promoting his latest book and appearing on Larry King Live and Good Morning America, et. al., people sit wrapped in awe taking his conclusions as fact. He is certainly entitled to his opinion about God, but know what he is proclaiming is not science even though it’s portrayed as such.


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